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Some of the creativity out there defies putting it into a single category, so here are some of those treasures.
In addition, there are a number of excellent sites that cover lots of miscellaneous topics that may save you searching time some day.
You’re the Soloist


Denver Recorder Society sponsors the Soloist Library, a growing collection of musical resources for recorder players


In this collection, we have printable music files that you can print and play, and audio playalong files to accompany your performance of that music.


Our library is designed to support solitary playing. The recorder parts in our print files are generally soloistic, and our audio files are accompaniments for those solos. 


If you wish, you may browse our current Soloist Collection to see what music is there right now.


From time to time, we’ll be adding items to the library. If you would like to receive notification about those additions, please email us at, and we’ll add you to our distribution list. We may occasionally also send information about matters such as virtual meetings among library subscribers. 


We’ll use our list only for distribution of that information. If you ever decide you no longer want our notices, just tell us, and we’ll remove you from the list. 

Joseph L. Wilcox

The following is an email received in our DRS email:
A while ago I probably sent you an announcement about the Early Music MIDI website I have been building:
I am very excited to announce that there are now links to the sheet music (parts and scores) for the lion's share of the MIDI files available! The sheet music links are in boldface.
The site continues to evolve in terms of features and content. Please check it out and share with other like-minded persons.
Tom Gettys
2929 Warren Street
Eugene, Oregon 97405
(541) 912-3830
This is an interesting looking site which covers quite a few recorder topics.
Here is a site devoted to the recorder on an international level.  It has many links to other sites, and has lots of data behind it.  You can open the data by clicking on your choice of Excel, PDF, etc at the top of pages.
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