There are many new technologies and teaching techniques being developed and offered so we can continue to play music and instruments we love.  We are in the beginning stages of finding and gathering, and will put our findings here.  Remember - a pandemic is no excuse to stop learning or playing!!!


The ARS is leading edge for encouraging teachers, and presenting availability to recorder players.  Here are just a couple of samples.
Following is a map from the ARS site, showing where online teachers are.  Here's the fascinating thought, though - what does it matter where in the world your teacher is?
ARS Teacher Map
Sarah Jefferey is known by many.  I would feel neglectful, however, if I did not include her here.  She has a significant YouTube presence, with many tutorials from beginner to advanced, for all types of recorders.
Just go to YouTube and type in Sarah Jeffery Recorder.  She has 135K subscribers now.  She can handle another.  Go for it.
SFEMS Classes
Nice variety in teachers, subjects and instruments.  Check it out!