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Virtual Resources

One thing the past few years have taught us is how committed the early music community is to keeping its constituents active and playing! Check below for a variety of classes from various organizations who offer many opportunities to learn from teachers around the world, but from the comfort of your own home. From classes and workshops, to play-along libraries there's ample opportunity to pick up your recorders and play!

American Recorder Society

The American Recorder Society has a variety of virtual classes and an online library of play-along scores and recordings.

ARS Beginners' classes are free 4-class courses that get you started off on the right path to playing recorder. Classes are held for both F-fingering (alto and bass) and C-fingering (soprano and tenor) recorders. Visit the ARS Beginners' Class Webpage for more information. There are also 2nd-level classes that are available to members of the ARS.

The ARS Play-Along Library is a wonderfully rich collection of scores and recordings that allow you to play along to recorder professionals who have recorded the pieces. You can choose the recording with your part missing so that you are "playing along" with the ensemble! Visit the ARS Play-Along Library Webpage to get started.

The ARS also keeps a list of virtual professional recorder teachers so you can find a teacher from just about anywhere. Visit the ARS Directory of Virtual Teachers to find the right teacher for you!

North American Virtual Recorder Society

The North American Virtual Recorder Society (NAVRS) is an online community of recorder players.  We welcome all experience levels from emerging players to professional.  Our goals are simple - to promote the recorder and to provide a safe, inclusive space for playing and having fun.  Get in touch through our website to learn more about us and how to join our community.  NAVRS is a Chapter of the American Recorder Society.

Amherst Early Music

Amherst Early Music is known for their fabulous 2 weeks of summer workshops and various weekend-long workshops throughout the year. During the pandemic, they started offering virtual classes with stellar teachers from around the world. AEM is continuing to offer these classes and all information can be found on their website

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