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2023-2024 Monthly Meetings

Our monthly meetings are held at:

Cameron United Methodist Church

1600 S. Pearl Street

Denver, CO, 80210

Our sessions through 2023-24 will be hybrid. They are held on the third Sunday of each month at 2 PM, MT. You can join us in person or through Zoom. To join us remotely, please email


Burns Night
Sunday, 1/21/24, 2 PM, MT

Every year, Scotland celebrates their beloved poet Robert Burns on his birthday with evening festivities that include reciting and singing poetry from the bard during "Burns Night". Join Denver RS Director Jennifer Carpenter and explore the poetry and musical settings of Robert Burns. This beautifully expressive poetry and music will spark your interest in a rich set of repertoire that is very accessible to recorder players!

Trees in Winter

The Breath of Winter
Sunday, 2/18/24, 2 PM, MT

The breath of winter holds a hushed enchantment, a captivating stillness. Scenes of winter captivated many Renaissance poets and composers, including Arcadelt, Lassus, Byrd, and others. Denver RS Director Jennifer Carpenter will focus on how we use our breath as both an intimate connection to the instrument and to the characterize the poetry expressed through music.  

Tree on Cliff

Rebels and Rogues
Sunday, 3/17/24, 2 PM, MT

How many of your favorite composers' lives were filled with exploits and intrigue? Join Denver RS Director Jennifer Carpenter and we'll delve into some popular composers' colorful pasts and play some of the music that accorded their more respectable legacies.


Rocky Recorders Workshop
April 12-13, 2024

Join the Denver RS and beloved recorder player/composer Glen Shannon for our 2024 Workshop!

Click HERE for more information and to register. 

Foot Tracks on Sand

Member-Led Playing Session
Sunday, 4/21/24, 2 PM, MT

Join the Denver RS for a session of music chosen and led by fellow members of the recorder society! This is always a fun experience.

Musical Delights
Sunday, 5/19/24, 2 PM, MT

Join Denver RS Director Jennifer Carpenter for the final playing session of the 2023-24 Season! We'll enjoy musical delights that are sure to keep you smiling long after we are finished playing. 

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