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2023-2024 Monthly Meetings

Our monthly meetings are held at:

Cameron United Methodist Church

1600 S. Pearl Street

Denver, CO, 80210

Our sessions through 2023-24 will be hybrid. They are held on the third Sunday of each month at 2 PM, MT. You can join us in person or through Zoom. To join us remotely, please email

Moon Clouds

Midsummer Night's Dream
Sunday, 9/17/23, 2 PM, MT

“I had a dream, past the wit of man to say what dream it was…” Fantastical events happen in the night. We’ll explore music from Purcell’s The Fairy Queen interspersed with tunes and dances based on mysterious woodland creatures and the landscapes they explore. Join Jennifer Carpenter for and experience the magic of the night. 

Dyed Silk

Something Old, Something New...
Sunday, 10/15/23, 2 PM, MT

Whether for a wedding or a workshop, this old English rhyme connotes the breadth of our ancestors, an optimism for what’s to come, delight in sharing with others, and love for our ability to be involved with what we enjoy most. Join Jennifer Carpenter as we discover musical gems that fit into each of these four categories.  

Orange Blossom

November Playing Session
Sunday, 11/19/23, 2 PM, MT

Join guest conductor Rock Goldberg for what promises to be a delightful afternoon of playing recorders!

Artichoke Spread

Annual Potluck Performance
Sunday, 12/17/23, 2 PM, MT

Denver RS Director Jennifer Carpenter will provide the "meat" but members are encourage to bring pieces that want to hear played!

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