There are many other wonderful ARS Chapters.  Some are also doing virtual seasons, and inviting non-members to join and/or attend.  As we research, we will begin adding them to this page so you can also take advantage of the additional offerings.
American Recorder Society
Most, if not all of you, are aware of our national Recorder Society or ARS.  This is their Mission Statement:
The mission of the American Recorder Society is to promote the recorder and its music.  Our goals are to be the organization every recorder player wants to join, and to support and grow the diverse recorder community by providing resources and opportunities on the social, educational, and professional levels.  We envision a future in which the recorder and its music are enjoyed, valued and supported across generations, ethnicities and cultures.
This link takes you to​
They provide support to players, teachers, chapters and more on a normal basis.  In this strange pandemic environment, they have added many additional resources for virtual lessons, workshops, technique videos and much more.  Please check them out at the link above.  Even better, please join!!  Help support their efforts both now and in the future.  
Portland Recorder Society
They have adapted to virtual social-distancing offers as well, with their own listing of options for playing during this time.
ECRS will host its third Zoom session of the year Saturday morning, November 14.  Last month with Larry Lipnik was really great and we are looking forward to having Daphna Mor as our coach this month. Daphna is a performer and teacher of European Early music, Traditional Jewish, North African and Middle Eastern Music, and Contemporary Music. She has performed as a soloist with the New York Collegium, the New York Early Music Ensemble, and Little Orchestra Society, and as a member with the New York Philharmonic, New York City Opera, Orchestra of St. Luke’s, Piffaro, and many more. She co-leads the Ensemble East of the River.
The topic of Daphne's session will be Medieval European music.  You might want to listen to some of her selections on You Tube to get into the medieval spirit.  I'm sure that she'll have lots of drumming and other wonderful accompaniments. 
 The event is open to all ECRS members and may also be joined by visitors (drop-ins) for a fee of $20 via PayPal or check (which can be applied toward a full-year membership). The music for this session is sent to members and registered drop-ins well before the session.
Please email our treasurer, Judy Gedge - - if you would like to become a member of ECRS or if you plan to join us as a drop-in for this session.   But please don't leave it to the last minute. 
If you attended an earlier session as a 'drop-in' don't forget that your $20 drop-in fee is credited against the annual membership so for a (bargain) price of $80 you can become a full member of ECRS for the rest of the year.
A bonus of being a full member of ECRS is being able to participate in the Early Group. On the Wed. and/or Friday preceding the monthly session our Co-President Maxanne Kass reviews the music (which you'll have received via email ahead of time) to go over any tricky rhythms, fingerings, etc. and talk a little about the history and style of the pieces.  
Betty Monahan
ECRS Co-President