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Hello fellow recorder enthusiasts:


I have three very nice recorders for sale.

I am no longer playing and would really like them to have new homes.

They have not been played for a few years, but well stored in their cases and in excellent condition.

Photos are attached.


1. Kung wood bass

2. Aulos plastic bass

3.Yamaha plastic soprano


I am willing to consider any reasonable offer.

Please call for any further information or an appointment to see them.

I am in Louisville, just off H-36.

Lynda Faires


Recorders for sale.  Please contact Ken Andresen with interest or questions.
Any reasonable offer would be considered.
Hopf                                                      Garklein           $  175.00 
Moeck Rottenburgh  Boxwood              Sopranino        $  200.00 
von Huene Rippert   Ivory                     Soprano          $4,000.00 
von Huene Ganassi                               Soprano          $  900.00 
von Huene Denner   Boxwood               Alto A-415        $1,900.00 
Dolmetsch                Rosewood & Ivory   Alto                $ 400.00 
Moeck Steenbergen Boxwood               Alto                  $  700.00 
von Huene                Rosewood & Ivory Bass                $4,000.00 
von Huene                Rosewood & Ivory Great bass      $7,000.00 
Roessler                   Pearwood              Contrabass     $2,500.00
These are all Moeck Rottenburgh instruments. They include the following:
Soprano, Bubinga wood, with original case: $ 100.00. See photos: Soprano_D
Soprano, Rosewood, with original case: $ 125.00  See photos: Soprano_M
Alto, Maple. In a gun case (original case damaged): $ 200.00.  See photos: Alto_D
Alto, ebony, in an aftermarket case; purchased used, with ivory trim (one piece broken, see photo), and a thumb rest installed. $ 250.00.  See photo: Alto_M
Tenor: Maple, with original case: $ 250.00. See photo: Tenor_D
Any interested person can reach me at:
Dennis Wack

Soprano D

Alto M

Soprano M

Alto M

Alto D


Contra Bass in F, a=440, laminated birch, blue wave finish. Paetzold’s unique instruments are based on the principle of a cranked wooden organ pipe. The design makes use of a doubled over bore so that the overall size is reduced without any reduction in sound or pitch. It is not only the unconventional yet attractive appearance of these instruments that causes intrigue – the sound throughout their two octave range is very powerful and the large key pads allow for them to be played by enthusiasts with even the smallest of hands.

3 part construction, with spike, 2 octave chromatic range F2- G4, size (without spike) 155 cm, height of the air column ca. 172 cm, 2 pitch plates, normally played whilst seated. SOFT CASE INCLUDED. BRAND NEW CONDITION. LISTS FOR $6800. Asking $5000 + shipping and insurance.
 I can be contacted via email: or by text at 269.352.0657
For sale - A seven course Lute, plus one. I am asking $750.
Location, Arroyo Seco, Taos NM
Joy Robertshaw