We promote the playing of the recorder among amateurs and professionals, and also encourage the playing of all early instruments such as viols, capped and open reeds, historical flute, lute and harpsichord.
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October Meeting: Italian Canzonas

DATE: Sunday, October 16, 2011
TIME: 2:00 - 4:30 p.m.
PLACE: Unity Church of Denver, 3021 South University Blvd., Denver
CONDUCTOR: Anne Fjestad Peterson

We'll explore the canzona literature from Renaissance Italy, including such composers as Banchieri, Merulo, Mortaro, Gabrieli, and Frescobaldi. Because this form is derived from vocal music, the French chanson in particular, its technical demands are less challenging and its counterpoint less rigid than its cousin the ricercar, making it easily accessible for intermediate as well as advanced players.

Anne Fjestad Peterson has been teaching private and class recorder in Boulder since 1974. She has a BA from Concordia College, Moorhead, MN, in music education and a MMus from CU in music history. She has performed with the Boulder Renaissance Consort since its founding in 1980 and with them has recorded two CDs. At Grace Lutheran Church in Boulder she sings in the choir, plays solo recorder and directs the recorder ensemble, and occasionally subs as organist and choir director.

Denver Chapter Hosts National ARS Board Meeting Weekend

Eleven ARS Board Members descended on Denver to join three local members in a long weekend of planning meetings. Members of the Denver Chapter hosted the visitors and were rewarded with a Friday night "Town Hall Meeting" followed by a potluck supper with entertainment by StopTime and then a play-along led by Board Members. Mark Davenport and Jann Benson were very gracious as informal "co-hosts". About 20 Colorado recorder players attended this event.

The potluck was a big success, with lots of good food, entertainment and conversation. The "Town Hall Meeting" was quite informative - especially the discussion about the health of the organization and different views on what should be future marketing goals for different age groups, etc. In the playing session, Laura Kuhlman led us in some Inca renaissance music -- now that's different! Lisette Kielsen brought a fun tango. And Mark managed to get us through a difficult Bach piece "Jesu meine freude" in surprisingly good form.

What was inspiring to see was the spirit of cooperation between the Board members and the local Chapter members as to setting up tables, eating together, playing music together, cleaning up afterwards, etc. Overall, it was a successful event that was enjoyable for all. The Denver Chapter stood tall and should be proud of their efforts.

Thanks to these Chapter members for their efforts in making this a successful weekend:

Guest transportation from DIA: Madeline Zanetti

Thursday evening welcome supper: Victoria Taylor

Guest overnight hosting and transportation: Sally Pyle, Victoria Taylor, Susy Wilcox

Additional Guest Transportation: Jon Casbon, Gail Nickless

Treats for the Board meeting breaks: Victoria Taylor

Friday night arrangements: Paul Brunson, Jann Benson, Rebecca Beshore

StopTime Jazz Band: Philip Belefski, Erin Bell, Gary Gregor, Janet Handmaker, Ed Pinfield, Susy Wilcox.

Transportation back to DIA: Bruce Nelson, Bob McCarroll, Pat Selby.

Solving problems Dick left behind: Jann Benson.

Members in Good Standing

Karen Anderson, Mike Emptage, RoseMary Glista, John LeVett, Dick Munz, Margaret Peterson, Justine Romero, Pat Selby, Diane Wagner, Joe Wilcox. If your name does not appear on this list following the month you mail your check, please contact Dick Munz.


Bruce Nelson, will host the first Newbie session of the 2011-2012 season. He has chosen 16th century dances from Renaissance Debut by Whitney. These melodies were originally collected in Orchesography, a well-known source of dance instruction, Bruce will bring along his copy of Orchesography so that you may understand how the dance steps correlate to the music. (Or as Bruce puts it “you will see funny little men do their dance steps.) He will also bring a 4-part piece by Byrd: Christie Qui Lux. Bruce, a long-time Denver ARS member plays sSATBgB, T Krumhorn and B cornamuse. Join him for a great time.

Sunday, October 16th
12:45 to 1:45 pm, Second floor
Unity church
3021 S. University Blvd, Denver
Enter South door.

Do you know of anyone who would want to attend? Please spread the word. There is no charge for the session. For more information, contact Dick Munz at dickmunz@gmail.com or 303-286-7909. Drop-ins welcome.

Recorders for Sale

1. Kung Great Bass: Bubinga wood with velvet lined hard case. Good condition. About 45 years old $1050.
2. Moeck Tenor recorder: Maple with soft case. About 25 years old. Good condition. $300.

Please contact Janet Handmaker at 303-221-6066 or recorderteacher@comcast.net. DTC area.

Early Music Colorado Fall Festival October 15
Music lovers and musicians alike are invited to the 19th Annual Fall Festival of Early Music on Saturday, October 15, 2011, at the Boulder Public Library at the Canyon Gallery and Theater. The Festival opens at 10:15 a.m. and includes live musical performances, an early music instrument exhibit, presentations and workshops, and even a sing-along.

The day ends with an evening concert at 7:30 p.m. at St. John’s Episcopal Church, 1419 Pine St., featuring English soprano Amanda Balestrieri, singing music with a “French Finesse,” including cantatas by Montéclair and Clérambault, and airs de cour, or courtly airs. This type of music was popular in France during the late Renaissance and early Baroque. Tickets can be purchased at www.EarlyMusicColorado.org.a

Group Corner

News of the activities and postings from area musical groups having recorder players. Check the chapter website for a listing of all groups that we know of, including contact information.
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StopTime again became a performance group after a long summer of working on new pieces. On August 27 we did a breakfast gig at the Zang Mansion. We treated that as a dress rehearsal for the ARS Board Potluck Supper.on September 16. The dress rehearsal was a little ragged, but the Potluck Supper performance went better.
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Fipple Jive Saturday players are playing popular music tunes by ear and becoming familiar with the 12-bar blues format. Tuesday evening players are familiarizing themselves with more chords and scales while they improvise extemporaneously. It doesn't always sound good, but the learning process continues. If you want to improve your playing skills by practicing playing by ear, contact dickmunz@gmail.com.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Marylebone Players is continuing to play each week. We could use another player in the Monday morning group. We are playing trio sonatas and a great deal of 4,5,6 part music along with double choirs. We do have Saturday days from time to time for new players. Let me know if you are interested in coming. Bill Conklin 303-455-0837.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The Newbie Group gives newer players an opportunity to play small ensemble music in a safe setting. Session is free of charge and open to the public. Drop-ins welcome. Newbies generally know some fingerings and have at least minimal skill at reading music. All voices of recorder are welcome. A chapter member volunteer will direct the playing session. Attendees will have the option of observing the monthly meeting, which follows at 2:00 – 4:30 at the same location. For more information, contact Dick Munz at dickmunz@gmail.com or call 303-286-7909. See the related article in this newsletter for information about the upcoming October meeting.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The Artyfacts welcomed Ed Taylor, a former member who is visiting from England, to a playing session Sept 25. (Artyfacts are currently in Stealth mode -- there have been no reported sightings for several years.)
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Get a Gamba!

Interested in learning more about the Viola da Gamba? A limited number of student quality viols are available for rental at a reasonable monthly rate. Please call Bill Conklin at 303-455-0837 for more information.


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