We promote the playing of the recorder among amateurs and professionals, and also encourage the playing of all early instruments such as viols, capped and open reeds, historical flute, lute and harpsichord.
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Holiday Grab Bag

DATE: Sunday, December 16, 2012
TIME: 2:00 - 4:30 p.m.
PLACE: Unity Church of Denver, 3021 South University Blvd., Denver
CONDUCTOR: Members of the Denver Chapter ARS

Sometimes we make serious music, but Denver ARS Chapter meetings are supposed to be fun. Our December tradition is to let the frivolity prevail. Small groups and individual members from within the Chapter will expose us to music in which they have expertise or enthusiasm (or sometimes both). For this year, we have four segments (unless we run out of time):

Wine, Women & Song!

The Buzzards (Elaine Granata, Susan Osborn, Bruce Nelson and Mary Scott) have been playing their home-cooked crumhorns for years and have built up a selection of raucous Renaissance pieces that fit well on the limited range of notes. They’ll share some favorites: El Grillo, Dit le Burguygnon , Il est bel et bon?, and L'ultimo di de maggio. Please feel free to bring buzzies, drums and whatever you feel appropriate, and be prepared to have some fun!


Rebecca Beshore will present music from the Beggar's Opera, a classic spoof and social satire, and one of the all-time biggest hits of the English musical stage.

Low Comedy!

ArtyFacts (Bobbie Blanc, Keith Emerson, Bruce Nelson, Sally Pyle, Mary Scott and Victoria Taylor) will coax us through an adventure in American comic song.

After all, it’s Christmas!

We have a ten-voice Christmas motet, Hodie Christus natus est, by Hans Leo Hassler. If there are not enough people, some of you may have to play two parts simultaneously. You can do that, can’t you?

CRUMHORN ALERT & SPECIAL INSTRUMENT REQUESTS: For the Buzzards’ segment, percussion and buzzy so-called musical instruments will be especially welcome. The Beggar’s Opera really needs a bass gamba. The Hassler motet calls for lots of tenor recorders. If you got ‘em, bring ‘em

News from Suzy Wilcox
In Portland Oregon!

Columbia Gorge Early Music Retreat

Come one and all to a long weekend of making music with inspiring coaches and friendly players in a natural setting of a historic lodge with hearty and healthy food and inspiring vistas. Classes will range from renaissance consort music to contemporary works with music for Renaissance winds, double reeds, strings and percussion.

Faculty¬ - Vicki Boeckman, Gayle Neuman, Phil
Neuman, Laura Kuhlman, and Rotem Gilbert.

Evening events will include all participants in an
orchestra, a faculty concert, English Country Dancing and madrigal singing.
Go to the PRS website (www.portlandrecordersociety.org) for more information about:
• Faculty
• Location, housing and meals
• Registration
• Schedule and Classes
Detailed class topics will be sent to you for your choices in advance of the workshop
• Travel information
• Tuition, Fees and Scholarship Opportunity
For more information contact Jeanne Lynch jeannelynch@gmail.com.

Members in Good Standing

Karen Anderson (Sep), Jann Benson (Nov), Rebecca Beshore (Oct), Bobbie Blanc (Jan), David Brock (Nov), Paul Brunson (Oct), Marlys Butler (Oct), Jon Casbon (Oct), Sally Collins (Feb), Bill Conklin (Sep), Virginia Cortes (Nov), Lynda Coy (Oct), Keith Emerson (Oct), Michael Emptage (Oct), Barbara Fahey (Jan), Judy Fritz (Oct), Joice Gibson (Oct), RoseMary Glista (Sep), Elaine Granata (Jan), Pam Grotegut (Oct), Janet Handmaker (Oct), Pat Heid (Oct), Dot & Dan Kaufman (Feb), John M. LeVett (Sep), Bob McCarroll (Dec), Pat Midyet (Jan), Judy Miller (Dec), Lori Murphy (Nov), Dick Munz (Sep), Jennifer Myers (Oct), Bruce Nelson (Sep), Gail Nickless (Nov), Maryann O’Brien (April), Susan Osborn (Oct), Margaret A. Peterson (Oct), Ed Pinfield (Nov), Sally A. Pyle (Oct), Justine Romero (Nov), Karl Reque (April), Miriam Rosenblum (Jan), Virginia T. Schlieker (Oct), Mary Scott (Sep), Pat Selby (Sep), Mary Sloan (Nov), Victoria Taylor (Nov), Gerrie Vendegna (Oct), Diane M. Wagner (Oct), Trudy Wayne (Oct), Joe Wilcox (Sep), Susan Wilcox (Nov), Richard Wood (Nov), Marianne Zwahlen (Sep).

If your name does not appear on this list following the month you mail your check, please contact RoseMary Glista.

Dues for the Denver Chapter are due annually based on when dues were last paid. We have included the month your membership dues are due above. Dues are for the 12 month period starting with the month dues are paid. You may join the Denver Chapter and National ARS at the same time with one check. Please complete the Dues Form under “Join” on the website.

November Newbies Report

Four recorder players attended the November Newbie Session under the leadership of Rosemary Glista. The attendees had diverse recorder backgrounds. Two were experienced musicians, but new to the recorder. Another was an experienced recorder player but had not played in a long time. The final attendee happily purchased The Recorder Consort by Steve Rosenberg and came prepared to play Rosemary’s selected pieces. As usual a good time was had by all.

The Newbie Group gives players new to the recorder or new to the Denver Chapter an opportunity to play small ensemble music in a safe setting. Session is free of charge and open to the public. Drop-ins welcome. Newbies generally know some fingerings and have at least minimal skill at reading music. All voices of recorder are welcome. A chapter member volunteer will direct the playing session. Attendees will have the option of observing the monthly meeting, which follows at 2:00 – 4:30 at the same location. For more information, contact Janet Handmaker at recorderteacher@comcast.net or call 303-221-6066.

December Newbies

Dick Munz, past President of the Denver Chapter and founder of the StopTime Recorder Jazz Consort will host December’s Newbie session. He will lead the group in playing popular Christmas music, with an occasional challenge.

Sunday December 16, 2012
12:45 to 1:45 pm
4th and 5th Grade Classroom, second floor
Unity Church
3021 S. University Blvd., Denver
Enter South door

Do you know of anyone who might enjoy playing with the Newbies? Please spread the word. There is no charge for the session. For more information, contact Janet Handmaker at 303-221-6066. Drop-ins welcome.

Recorder for Sale

Moeck Denner Indian Boxwood alto recorder. Sells new for $1085. Asking $850. Seven years old in excellent condition and plays beautifully. Please contact Janet Handmaker at 303-221-6066 or recorderteacher@comcast.net.

Group Corner

News of the activities and postings from area musical groups having recorder players. Check the chapter website for a listing of all groups that we know of, including contact information.

Marylebone Garden Players - We continued this last month to sight-read a large amount of material. Actually, the statistics show that if you read books on a regular basis, you lower your chance of getting a senility disease by about 35 percent. I think that sight-reading music might even better than reading because you also have to coordinate your muscles. I expect that the players that come to these sight reading sessions will live longer and have an active mind for a longer period of time. That is very important because the new generations don't play music except on their i-phones. Give me a call if you want to come sometime to check us out - Bill Conklin

Fort Collins - Several sub-groups of our big 16-member society will be presenting holiday performances around town. We still all meet together on Second Fridays at members' homes, and on Fourth Mondays at Old Firehouse Books in Old Town Fort Collins. All recorder players are welcome, but let me know in advance, just in case Fourth Monday migrates to, say, Fifth Monday, as it did during the candidates' debates!
Cindy Henk –970-988-0160

Now & Then—We are so happy that there are two teams performing this season, Liz Gilpatrick, Pam Grotegut, Joyce Shambaugh and Meg Worth will be performing Tuesday, Dec.18 from 1 - 3 p.m. in Boulder at the Villas(1 - 1:45) followed by Winwood (2;15 - 3)
Fri. Dec 21 from 4 - 5 p.m. at the Louisville Library

Pam Grotegut, Ruth Harvey, Joyce Shambaugh and Ann Sprague will be performing at. Dec. 8 from 2 - 4 p.m. at the Aar River Gallery in Westminster near 73rd and Lowell.
There will be free wine, food and lots of wonderful things to purchase as gifts if you wish
Mon. Dec. 10 from 11:30 - 1 at Longmont Hospital
Thurs. Dec 20 from 11:30 - 1 at Good Samaritan Hospital in Lafayette on Highway 287
Sat. Jan 5 after 6 p.m. for the 12th night celebration (location to be determined)
Fri/ sat.. Jan 18 and 19 after 5:30 p.m. at Centaurus High School Madrigal Dinner in Boulder
We will be dressed in period costumes. Reservations for this dinner must be made in advance through Scot Wickham, music teacher at Centaurus.

We look forward to seeing our friends and fans at any of these venues.

Editor’s Corner

Joy to the world

Keep makin’ music

Ho Ho Ho

Happy Holidays to One and All


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RECORDERS PLAYED: __Sopranino __ Soprano __ Alto __Tenor __Bass __GB __CB
Other Instruments: (Keyboard, string, reed, percussion, voice, etc.)
Playing Level: ___ Beginner, ___ Advanced beginner, ___ Intermediate, ___ Advanced
Desire To Play In Small Groups (OK for other members to call you): ___Y ___N

___ I prefer to be notified when newsletters are available to download from www.DenverRecorderSociety.org
___ I prefer to receive newsletters through the Postal Service, and will add $6 to my membershipdues.

Denver Chapter ARS

RoseMary Glista
8936 Miners Drive
Littleton, CO 80126

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